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Customizable Baby Pacifier Clip

Mint Green
Deep Blue
Precious Pink
Soft Purple
Violet Rose
Ocean Blue
Blissful Yellow

  • The perfect forever keepsake for any baby book!  Treasure the memory of your little one with this unique custom paci clip!  

    Our adorable customized name pacifier clips are hand made to order and are made up of high-quality ABS food grade (name beads) fastened to a maple wood clip +


    • BPA, Phthalates, Cadmium, Lead, and PVC free
    • FDA approved
    • Odorless and colorless
    • Color: 8 choices
    • Size: length about 26- 31cm (10-12 inches)

    1. Please enter a custom name for the baby name you want when you order. If you don't write a message, we will send the clip with "BABY" written on it.

    2. Only the English characters can be used.  ( á à ã ă â e é è ê i í ì ĩ o ó ò õ ô ơ u ú ù ũ ư y ý ỳ đ will not be accepted)

    3. Each name should have no more than 9 letters.

    Due to the custom hand made nature of this item, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

  • Thank you so much for choosing Essentials For Mom! We are a small family owned business out of Fort Worth, TX, that is dedicated solving every day problems for moms. It truly is a labor of love, and I hope you find something here that can help you on your journey of motherhood. 

     -Meredith Sunday (Founder)

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