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No-slip Baby Bath Lounger

Available Colors
Aqua Blue
Blue Elephant
Green Frog
Pink Monkey
Pink Bunny
Yellow Duck

  • It's time to finally stop worrying about bathing your infant alone!  Our popular Baby Bathing Lounger is giving moms their peace of mind back.

    The lycra fabric cushion is specifically designed to adjust to the curves of your newborn baby, allowing for maximum comfort and safety.

    The cushioned center gives your baby a 'skin to skin' sensation that helps your baby stay calm and relaxed while taking a bath.

    • ONE PERSON JOB: With its unique design, this fun cushion holds your baby above water, making washing a one person job.

    • SLIP-FREE: The bottoms textured material ensures that your baby doesn't slide and keeps the cushion in one place.

    • CONVENIENCE: Both your hands are free to wash your baby instead of trying to juggle them in one hand while washing them with the other.

    • COMFORT: Your little one will love the comfort feeling of laying on this soft, plush cushion. The deeply contoured design mimics a mother's natural cradling position. Adjusts to the contours of your baby for maximum comfort

    • FAST DRYING: The soak resistant material inside allows for a very quick drying time.

    • MULTI-POSITION: Babies can lie on their back or stomach which ensures a thorough cleaning.  Keeps child's head elevated to keep water out of baby's ears

    • PORTABLE: Perfect to take with you on a road trip to grandma's, vacation, or poolside.


    • Suitable for babies from 0-6 months.

    • Size (cm): 56 * 37cm / 22.05 * 14.57 in

    These soft and comfortable loungers can be placed directly into a sink or baby bath!



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