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Sheep Memory Foam Infant Head Shaping Pilllow

  • This is a Soft Cotton pillow featuring a central indentation specially designed to help prevent / correct flathead syndrome.

    Plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome, occurs in newborns and young babies when the back or sides of the head become flat or misshapen due to prolonged pressure from flat surfaces on the skull while baby is asleep, or on their back.

    Because an infant's skull is soft and malleable, deformities in shape can occur if baby begins to favor certain head positions

    Parents can take preventative action by using the Baby Head Rest whenever baby is on his/her back. If a flat spot is noticed within the first four months, using the Baby Head Rest may stop it from worsening and could result in some correction.

    The Soft Elephant Shaping Pillow has been developed to provide gentle support for your baby's head and natural head movements, while reducing the risk of a flat spot forming (Plagiocephaly).


    • Helps position the babies head
    • Soft Pillow contents and cover with memory foam filling
    • Ideal for use in Cradle, Crib, Moses Basket, pram, car, etc
    • Approximate Size 28 x 19 cm
    • Material; velvet fabric + combed cotton
    • Safe / non toxic and skin friendly

    Ultra-soft, high-quality material makes the baby feel comfortable and relaxed


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