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Swaddle Sleep Sack

Beige Animals (S)
Blue / Green Cars (S)
Brown Zoo Animals (S)
Pink Birds (S)
Blue Whales (S)
Multicolored Zoo (S)
Pink Whales (S)
Pink Zoo (S)
Pink Birds (L)
Blue Whales (L)
Blue / Green Cars (L)
Pink Whales (L)

  • Save time wrapping up your little one with our 100% organic cotton, light and secure swaddle sleep sack!  No more messing around with traditional swaddle blankets, making sure you are getting the folds right!  Now you can wrap them up safely and securely in only four easy steps!  A mom MUST HAVE!
    Size small will fit babies 7 to 14 pounds, 0 to 3 months (70cm*50cm)
    Size large will fit babies 14 to 20 pounds, 3 to 6 months ( 73cm*58cm )
    Why Swaddle?
    • Swaddling helps reduce loose bedding in crib and helps keep baby safely on their back
    • Swaddling soothes baby by preventing them from startling awake
    • This items' wings are adjustable for just the right fit on your baby and even keep wiggly babies swaddled tight

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